Thursday, June 11, 2015

The goodness of God

I will never forget a Sunday in September 2013.  Early the morning during my time with the Lord, He led me to this scripture.  Later that morning my Ma had a stroke.  As we went through the motions, in hindsight, there was a peace in all of us (Ma, my husband and I) as we were driving her to the hospital, we were even joking and laughing in the car.  Peace surrounding us at the hospital. 
The Lord brought to my remembrance what I read that morning and I was so happy, so so happy knowing God is in control, worrying won't help one bit! 
Pray we did and for her healing and I told the Lord when He heals her from that stroke, I will testify in front of the whole congregation to His glory. (I am terribly shy, fear of man)
Exactly 10 days later, my Mom called me all excited that God healed her because she can use her hand again, pick up heavy objects which she could not do.  (Her healing was gradual over 10 days, from above her left elbow down to her fingers.) 
On her 72nd birthday God healed her. :)

I was elated!  Later I thought about what I promised the Lord.  I was very nervous and praying fervently for God to help me, to give me boldness, courage to speak in front of the people.
That day when I went up front my lips were quivering, my voice shaky, I was crying, but I did it! :)  Glory be to God! ♥
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

While making this picture I felt led to share this.  God bless all who read here in Jesus' Name.

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