Monday, June 8, 2015


There are apostles and prophets in America who started a prayer movement.  On their banner is an evergreen tree. 

So I see some Christians coming against them because they use the evergreen tree as a symbol.  These Christians describe the evergreen as a phallic and pagan symbol.

For those calling the evergreen tree a "phallic/pagan symbol"....In Isaiah God says that He will decorate His sanctuary with cypress, fir and pine trees (evergreen)! Evergreen trees were created by Almighty God. It does not belong to the pagans, just as the rainbow does not belong to the LGBT movement. It belongs to God who created it. :D

The glory of Lebanon will be yours—
the forests of cypress, fir, and pine—
to beautify my sanctuary.
My Temple will be glorious!"
~•Isaiah 60:13

How can there be anything wrong with a prayer movement? The only one scared of a prayer movement and who would want to stop it, is the devil and his minions! o_O
Don't stand in God's way!

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