Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sky high

R20000 water bill

Devil thought he could upset us. I had a dream about a tall mountain last year. Could mean hard times to overcome. God already removed one mountain! We were told to take a reading of the water meter and lo and behold, the guy made an error with the reading. We'll be getting a new account. Thank you JESUS.

We are within our daily water allowance!

But you know, God has a way of preparing you for something. Just a few days ago on one of the water pages on FB, a woman commented that she got a R20000 water bill. I felt so sorry for her and thought I don't know what I would do if that happened to us. Also a Scripture grabbed my attention yesterday where Jesus gave His disciples authority over all the power of the enemy! And today when William told me, the peace of God was in my heart. I was not in the least bit upset. I actually found it quite funny because I knew it was a mistake and the enemy of our souls putting another mountain in our way, trying to rob us of our peace and faith. We immediately knew to pray and I told that mountain to be lifted up and thrown into the sea in the Name of JESUS! William went back to the municipality to give the new reading. They acknowledged it was a mistake and we'll be getting a new bill.

Jesus came through for us again.

There is POWER in the Name of Jesus


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