Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Eyes shut from seeing evil?

Greetings in Jesus' blessed Name.🤗💞  May God shine His face upon you and your family and all your loved ones today.
Our God is a devouring fire! A consuming fire! Let us live in holiness before Him, strive to not live in deliberate sin. Look at that last part of the verse "who shuts his eyes from seeing evil".
It makes me think of the filth people watch on television and in movies and the filth they lay their eyes on in magazines.
Let us as sanctified children of God guard our eyes against seeing evil. Satan uses every opportunity to seduce us into sin with the lust of the flesh. He does it through what we entertain with our eyes and what we listen to. Let us be wise as serpents and do only the will of our Father in heaven. All to His glory. 
What glory is there to the Holy Name of God when His blood-bought children continue to walk in willful sin? Because that reveals that we are not walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are still being controlled by our flesh. 
Yes, we as Christians do sin, but there is a sin not unto death and there is a sin that is unto death and that is a deliberate sin. Willful sin is so serious that we are told not even to pray for one who is in willful sin. One that is in willful sin drifts further and further away from Christ and will end up apostate because they are sinning deliberately and they do not care to stop.  Their consciences will be seared.
No one who is born of God practices sin because His seed abides in him and he cannot sin because he is born of God.
~1 John 3:9 

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