Thursday, February 1, 2018

Western Cape drought

Western Cape drought 

Trusting God, waiting on Him

All thoughout this drought of ours when I cry out to God, talk to Him about it, He always takes me to Scripture regarding drought.  And I rejoice, because He has brought me to Scriptures a few times where it says that He gives the rain.  I know God will eventually come through for us.  He is a good, merciful God. 

Look at this Scripture....GOD commands the clouds that they rain no rain on us.  I just hope and pray our local government will mention God in all their efforts of running to and fro planning for more water.  No acknowledgement from them about God.

And this whole drought has become a political game. God cannot be blamed even though He brings the drought because our national government and our Western Cape provincial government had a warning of a coming shortage years ago already, but they did nothing to prepare. 

Everywhere we see new building projects going on but nothing is being done to prepare for the growing burden on our water infrastructure.  Now they are rushing around extracting underground water, building 3 small desalination plants, whereas they could have started on big ones years ago, but always claim there is no money, but the Department of Water and Sanitation spend hundreds of millions on a new building recently for new offices.  Mismanagement is to blame and hunger for power!

So we wait on God and His perfect timing and I for one, trust only in Jesus because as we see, people will always disappoint us.  And it is not as if we did not get any rain at all.  We did.  And I praise Him and thank Him for every drop!πŸ‘πŸ’•

I will really appreciate your on-going prayers regarding our drought.  Please pray God for wisdom for the government and for unity of the people, for a house divided cannot stand, even the political house and of course please pray for abundance of rain, to break our drought.  Thank you and God bless you always.πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ•Š️

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