Friday, February 20, 2015

Wait on God's counsel

Israel provoked God to anger in the wilderness.  They forgot about all the wonderful things He did for them.  They did not wait on His counsel.  They were ungrateful for the manna He provided.  They demanded meat.  He gave them what they wanted, but God also punished them!  

It is actually a sin not to wait on God.  God has His timing, His way of doing things.  God knows best.  Yet we tend to want to decide things and do things in a hurry, instead of waiting on God's counsel.

May we never forget what God has done for us.  I am sure God has done many good things in your life.  He sure has in mine!  I am also one who wants God to answer as soon as possible, but God is teaching me to be patient, to wait on Him!  God wants us to wait on Him, to trust in Him.  When we do, we can never go wrong.  While to us it may feel like nothing is happening or changing, God is working behind the scenes.  So never give up hope.  Have faith when you pray about something, ask God for something.  God is faithful and will come through for you.

John Gill writes the following commentary about this verse:
They did not ask counsel of God, though it belongs to him, and he is wonderful in it, and does all things after the counsel of his own will; nor would they take it when given by Moses and Joshua; they did not choose to wait his time and way of working; they were for limiting the Holy One of Israel to their time and way; they were for being in the land of Canaan before his time; and were for eating flesh, when it was his counsel to feed on manna he provided for them every day.

They soon forgot His works; They did not wait for His counsel, 
~•Psalm 106:13 


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